Business transformation for the Digital Age isn’t just for large corporates. SEACOM leverages cloud technology to equip small to medium enterprises with cost-effective, simple-to-integrate business tools that rapidly extend their reach. Greater efficiency is one enquiry away.

SEACOM connectivity solutions connect businesses of all sizes to opportunity, quickly and easily. Take your enterprise to the next level with flexible, scalable and ultra-fast offerings that affordably support growth. Enjoy premium business Internet, supported by standard-setting Service Level Agreements for extra peace of mind.

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SEACOM’s Broadband Fibre Internet Access service provides small to medium size businesses with cost effective, high-speed Internet via SEACOM’s award winning, global fibre based data network ...

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SEACOM’s Wireless Internet Access service provides customers with broadband and corporate Internet via reliable, high-speed last-mile microwave connectivity, coupled...

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SEACOM’s Direct Internet Access service provides businesses with high-speed, dedicated, SLA-backed, Tier-1 symmetrical Internet bandwidth. Services up to n x 10Gbps are delivered to customers directly...

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This service provides flexible, low latency, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint EoMPLS connectivity between all major.....

Cloud computing has revolutionised the IT industry in recent years. Ideal for companies of all sizes, cloud-based services provide cost savings, flexibility and highly-scalable IT solutions aligned to businesses’ requirements. SEACOM’s vast array of cloud services are easy to implement and ensure we can help your business operate more efficiently, better equipping it for expansion.

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SEACOM Voice leverages cloud PBX technologies to provide customers with a flexible, reliable and easy-to-use voice solution. The low setup cost, low monthly service charges and competitive call...

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SEACOM offers highly available, scalable and elastic virtual server platforms that support Windows and Linux-based operating systems. SEACOM is a Microsoft-validated Cloud OS Network partner...

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Online Backup is a disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Devices can be configured to automatically back up files as soon as an Internet connection is detected...

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Hosted Email provides companies with affordable email solutions hosted in the cloud and managed by SEACOM. Hosted Email improves productivity by providing access to emails, calendars and tasks from anywhere.

In today’s digital world, businesses rely on IT systems and the Internet for day-to-day functions. Many small to medium enterprises mistakenly believe their scale protects them from cyber-criminals. Ensuring your business is protected is essential to prevent data loss and crippling disruption you probably can’t afford. SEACOM’s security solutions are quick and easy to integrate with your systems, ensuring you’re thoroughly and cost-effectively covered while you work.

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Endpoint Protection is a cloud-based service that ensures you have advanced anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall protection for your laptops, desktops and file servers. The service comes pre-configured...

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Enhanced Email is a cloud-based email archiving, anti-virus, anti-spam and continuity service. All emails sent and received are archived in secure data centres, which allows you to continue to...